10 Tips For Natural Skincare

10 Tips For Natural Skincare

You may be ready to ditch the cabinet filled with skincare products that you’ve tested and tried over the years, but never seem to get the results you want. Or you are ready to reduce the number of toxic ingredients the you put on your body.  Maybe you’re not quite sure where to begin with all the information available.  Here are ten tips to help you go natural when it comes to skincare!

1. Keep it simple.  All you need for your daily skincare routine is cleanser, toner, moisturizer and a broad spectrum sunscreen.  All other products are just gimmicks. 

2. Make sure what you are choosing is, in fact,  natural.  This term isn’t regulated, so companies can throw a natural label on their products while a majority of the ingredients are synthetic. 

3. Choose products that are fragrance-free.  Dozens of chemicals are used to make scents and fragrances and often contain phthalates, which have been shown to cause allergic reactions.

4.  Choose products that have less packaging.  Using skincare products that come in glass jars are best, not just for the environment, but for your body as well.  If your favorite products do come in plastic, check for the safest – polyehtylene terephlate (PET)#1 or #2.

5.  Find out about a skincare company’s values.  You can learn a lot by combing the information on the company’s website or check other websites dedicated to going green and keeping it natural.

6. Look for organic ingredients.  Organic means better for the environment, better for your skin. 

7.  Avoid petrochemicals.  These are products made with petroleum based materials.  They contain cancer causing agents and are a non-renewable resource. 

8. Make your own products.  You can cut out the guess work and know exactly what you are putting on your face.  Most recipes are pretty simple and there is a recipe for all kinds of different products. You will also save time and money.

9.  Don’t forget about diet and exercise.  This should be your first defense in taking care of your skin.  Drink plenty of water, eat a diet rich in protein, complex carbs, fruits and veggies, and of course get moving. 

10. Avoid crazy trends and keep it simple, which brings us back to our first tip!

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