600-Hr Massage Therapist Program in Denver – Spring 2013

600-Hr Massage Therapist Program in Denver – Spring 2013

Spring is a time of renewal that is reflected in the abundance of nature bringing forth new life.  It becomes a perfect time to take on new projects, eat healthier and perhaps begin something new.  If you have ever had the thought that massage therapy is something that you would like to dedicate your time to and earn a living from, then it is time to enroll in our sister school’s 600 hour massage therapy licensing program.  The program combines the best of western style massage techniques with the ancient wisdom of Thai massage.  Together they form a powerful and deeply healing form of touch therapy. 

Our spring semester beings on April 6th. When you complete this program you will feel confident and well-prepared to take the Colorado State Board Exam  as well as the National board exam to become a licensed massage therapist.

The 600 hour program is divided into: 300 hours of in-class training in anatomy, physiology, massage application and assessment for both western and Thai; 150 hours of online courses which include anatomy; and 150 hours of hands-on learning.  The online component can be completed from the comfort of your home, eliminating commute time and can more easily fit into your busy schedule.  The practicum hours can either be completed in our community clinic alongside a Licensed Massage Therapist or you may choose to do a one-on-one internship also with a Licensed Massage Therapist. 

If the path of being a massage therapist is calling, then it might be time to answer that call.  Your skill combined with compassion can help to change lives as you embark on this healing path.  Contact us to submit your application or to find out more!

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