Beauty Benefits of Chocolate – YAY!

Beauty Benefits of Chocolate – YAY!

Dark chocolate barsEating for beauty doesn’t always mean salads with more salads, as good as they are for you. As it turns out, chocolate does wonders for your health and for beauty! And, “it’s considered to many to be the ultimate aphrodisiac because it puts you in a good mood by just the scent alone, which triggers the release of chemicals in the brain” (Beauty World News).

But it isn’t any and all chocolate that can improve our already great looks. It has been proven that at least 70 percent dark chocolate is the key.

Not only does it do great things for your heart, your blood pressure and blood vessels when you consume it, but it can also reduce stress hormones. It contains magnesium, calcium and potassium; all of which assist in reducing stress and has a calming effect.

Less stress hormones means less breakdown of collagen, reducing wrinkles. The chemical compound found in chocolate, flavanol, makes skin look and feel great. It improves skin hydration and function, making it appear and feel more youthful. So making a chocolate facial…not a bad idea!

“If that wasn’t enough, chocolate also contains theobromine. This has a similar reaction to caffeine but it produces a slimming effect on the body. For example, a chocolate facial mask will help hydrate the skin, reverse sun damage, firm and tone the skin. Thus, chocolate scrubs are great for pedicures because of their theobromine components” (Beauty World News).

But be careful. You don’t need to consume an entire chocolate bar every day to reap these amazing benefits. Specialists and researchers say that about two to three ounces a week is the necessary amount to actually benefit from chocolate. If you have a lot more than that, you are taking in the fat, sugar, and calories. Just a little bit goes a long way.