Body Waxing Services Denver

Body Waxing Services Denver

waxed legsThe most popular and inexpensive treatment for hair-free skin is waxing. Body waxing is available through our school’s student clinic. Now men and women can receive wax treatments from talented technicians at reduced prices compared to spas and salons.

Luxuriate in our honey wax for the face and body or a milk chocolate wax for sensitive facial skin as your technician works to give you effective results with as little pain as possible.

Wear loose and comfortable clothes to your appointment, especially when you are waxing larger or sensitive areas. You’ll be with your technician anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the area you are waxing.

You can expect to spend some time with your technician talking about your treatment. A gel is applied for good wax adhesion and aromatic oil is rubbed in to protect the skin. The technician then applies warm wax to the areas you selected for treatment. A cloth is placed over the wax to help remove the hair. The technician then removes the wax to reveal hair-free skin. You may experience some redness, swelling, or irritation for a few hours after waxig.

Make your appointment today and enjoy our low student clinic prices.


Body Waxing Services
Full Leg         (60 minutes) $20.00
Half Leg        (30 minutes) $10.00
Full Arm        (60 minutes) $15.00
Half Arm        (30 minutes) $8.00
Underarms   (30 minutes) $10.00
Bikini Area    (30  minutes) $10.00
Back  (60 minutes) $25.00
Chest (60 minutes) $20.00

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