Brazilian Wax

Brazilian Wax

Brazilian Bikini WaxMaybe you are a seasoned veteran when it comes to bikini and Brazilian waxes, but maybe you are like the majority of men and women (yes men get them too) who are more timid and hesitant to go down this path. We will walk you through the process for what to expect and how to prepare for your first Brazilian wax.

What to Expect

Be prepared…it can be painful. It differs from person to person, as not everyone has a lot of nerve endings in the genital area. Some may experience little to no pain, while others go through a lot of pain during the process. It may take up to an hour for a full Brazilian, but less also depending on the person and how much hair is being removed. You should also expect full professionalism from the one doing the waxing, and confidentiality.

How to Prepare

Make sure that you don’t shave for at least a week in the area, waxing longer hair is less painful than shorter hair. Also be sure to cleanse and wash the area well before going in to the wax appointment. If you are susceptible to pain, taking a natural herbal supplement for inflammation can help, or an ibuprofen.

After Brazilian Wax

After your session is complete, your esthetician will remove any leftover wax. They may add aloe, dabbed lightly with a cloth or towel that will help the skin calm down and keep it from staying inflamed. Be sure not to sweat excessively and try and avoid frictional activities for at least 24 hours to help avoid infection and irritation.

Our esthetician clinic offers Brazilian waxing – for women only for $29! We also offer a regular Bikini wax for $12. Schedule your appointment conveniently online.