Community Classes 2014

Community Classes 2014

Community Classes

Many of our massage and aesthetics students, graduates, and community clinic clients have requested shorter classes that would be fun, continuing education in one night or in a series of a few nights. We’ve taken this to heart and have decided to offer some amazing and fun continuing education classes for the community!

One of our Aesthetics and Herbalism instructors, Martin Hansen, will be leading  and coordinating all of these Community classes for 2014.  All classes will be held at the School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics, which is located at 1221 Galapago St. Denver, CO 80204.  All classes require registration through Mr. Hansen directly. Please email or call him to register today!  Ph:  415-819-0942  Email:

Here is the list of classes, descriptions, dates, & costs:  

Bath Bombs, Soaks and Scrubs   $25  6:30 – 9:30, Thursday, March 20  / Friday, October 10   

A fun evening learning to create your own invigorating bath fizzies, exfoliating scrubs and soothing soaks. We will explore scents, textures, and therapeutic properties for use at home or in professional practice. Each person will receive a single serving of at least two bath bombs, one scrub and one soak plus recipes to inspire. 

Body Lotions, Potions and Creams  $25  6:30 – 9:30  Thursday, April 17 / Friday, October 24

Tired of Colorado dry skin? Learn to create your own lotions and creams for all seasons and skin types using only the purest ingredients. Coconut Milk Body Lotion, Spruce Shea Butter Cream and Calendula Hand Healing Lotion Bars are just a few of the amazing recipes we will cover in class. Each person will go home with a selection of lotions made in class and recipes to get you started. 

Lip balms, Salves, and Ointments  $25  6:30 – 9:30 Thursday, May 1 /  Friday, November 7

Say goodbye to chapped lips and cracked hands forever! Craft and formulate your own Glossy Mint Lip Balm, Gardner’s Salve and cooling Muscle Ointment. This class will teach you how to easily make lip balms, salves and ointments for gifts, everyday skin care or your herbal first aid kits. 

The Art of Perfume  $35  6:30 – 9:30  Thursday, May 15 /  Friday, September 19

Delve into the subtle art of scent blending developing an understanding of perfume notes, various scent mediums, as well as the therapeutic and psychological effects of essential oils. Each participant will custom blend their own roll on perfume and solid perfume. 

Kitchen Herbal Spa  $35   6:30 – 9:30  Thursday, March 27 / Friday, September 5

A creative and fun class utilizing common kitchen ingredients and herbal preparations for a head to toe home spa treatment. Face scrubs and soothing masks, leg toners and foot scrubs, hair and cuticle oils, the possibilities are endless. Each participant will go home with a head to toe kit that we make in class. 

Aromatherapy for Practitioners  $200  4 nights 5:30 – 9  Thursday, May 22 – Thursday, June 12

An in depth exploration of essential oils and their many uses. We will discuss quality, methods of extraction, chemical functions, skin care, and materia medica by body system. Designed for both the casual connoisseur and practitioner alike.  Each participant will receive 4 essential oils to start their collection and a certificate of completion. 

Skin Care for the Seasons Spring/Summer  Fall/Winter $25  6:30 – 9:00   Thursday, April 3 /  Friday Oct 3

As the seasons change our bodies naturally shift and change as well having ever evolving needs and processes. This class focuses on the specific needs of the skin as we transition into new phases in our year and new phases in our lives. We will discuss topical skin care and internal skin care methods for healthy beautiful skin all year long. 

Advanced Esthetics $100 3 nights  6:30 – 9:00  Friday, July 11 – Friday, July 25

An in depth lecture series for esthetic students and graduates. We will go beyond cosmetic skin care incorporating in depth external and internal methods for skin treatment. 
Acne / Dermatitis
Aging / Hyperpigmentation
Rosacea / Sensitivity