Continuing Education Class – Facial Yoga for Estheticians

Continuing Education Class – Facial Yoga for Estheticians

Facial yogaThe School of Botanical Aesthetics will be offering a continuing education course on Facial Yoga April 13 from 9a – 1p.  This 4 hour course will focus on facial yoga “poses” that can be used to create healthy, younger looking skin.  It is perfect for professional licensed estheticians who want to enhance their selection of offerings for their clients. 

Facial yoga has become more and more popular.  The great thing is – it can be done anywhere, anytime.  It’s easy to learn how to incorporate some of these exercises into your daily skin care routine or as part of a facial you give to clients.  The best part is that your clients will realize they don’t need expensive, intrusive cosmetic surgeries or undergo a series of painful injections every time they want to look and feel younger. 

Facial yoga exercises work the muscles of the face by creating an interplay of tension and release.  This leads to tightening, toning and preventing or softening the appearance of wrinkles.  Also, the exercises can increase circulation to the face and when you have increased blood flow, skin will appear more radiant. 

Some of the exercises may be reminiscent of the funny faces you made as a child.  For instance, Fish Face is done be pursing the lips and sucking in your cheeks to work the muscles around your mouth.  Another exercise is called Temple Dancer Eyes.  You move your eyes around in circles to tone the area around the eye and prevents sagging skin and crow’s feet. 

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