Dehydrating Skin Care Habits

Dehydrating Skin Care Habits

girl with hat and sunglassesAre you routinely doing things that are dehydrating your skin? There are quite a few common habits that negatively affect our skin. Our skin care habits – or lack of – may be causing early aging, wrinkles, drooping skin along with other bodily dis-eases. Find out common habits that have a dehydrating effect on your skin.

UV Rays

When its summer time, all you want to do is soak up those rays. But when you are outside all day without those sunglasses and SPF, here come the wrinkles. UV rays have been proven to dehydrate skin, damaging collagen in skin cells and skin cells themselves; altering their integrity. Be sure to keep up with the Sunscreen and Sunglasses during the summer months especially—but all year round is recommended to keep your skin in top shape.

Lack of Water/Hydration

Many tend to over-look this important factor — not drinking enough water. Your entire body is over 70 percent water. So if you don’t drink enough to replace what is lost, then it will not be at optimum functioning level. This goes for kidneys, blood vessels, liver, and your skin. When skin is dehydrated, it gets flaky, ashen, dull, and cracked. This can cause permanent damage and wrinkles. To avoid this happening, drink more water! Scientists and doctors suggest that the average person should be drinking their weight in kilograms to ounces (68 kg=68 oz. of water). If you are active, then keep the water flowing!


Another dehydrating factor is excessive or routine alcohol consumption. Alcohol, along with caffeine, is very dehydrating. It dehydrates the body in the blood stream, joints, organs, and skin. When skin is dehydrated, you can guess that collagen and structural fibers are altered and damaged, causing those pesky wrinkles. Alcohol and drinking is OK in moderation…just be aware of what it’s potentially doing to you. (Follow it with plenty of water!)


Smoking is bad for your body, and your skin too. The chemicals and nicotine found in cigarettes have shown to cause early aging signs such as wrinkles and drooping. So if you smoke – quit smoking and you will get a great head start on keeping your skin youthful and hydrated.


And believe it or not, eating too much sugar. It’s a no-no if you are looking for a healthy diet, let alone looking to nip the dehydrating habits in the bud. Research and studies have shown that large amounts of sugar in the diet causes collagen to break down, in turn causing early aging. Try your best to cut out those late night sugary snacks. Swap for fruits and veggies instead! (They are full of water and vitamins, great for the skin and great for anti-aging!)