Discounted Leg Waxing Denver

Discounted Leg Waxing Denver

A perfect pair of legs can be marred by bandages, cuts, razor burns and razor bumps. Who doesn’t like smooth, silky legs that don’t need a weekly meeting with the razor’s edge.

Leg waxing for women eliminates all the difficulties of razors plus it offers some pretty great advantages. Waxing beats razors in the race for long-lasting effects. Waxing lasts 4 to 9 weeks depending before hair grows back. While waxing takes longer, it saves tons of shaving time. And it saves you all that scarring from cuts and other razor accidents.

The School of Botanical & Medical Aesthetics offers discounted waxing services including leg waxing. You can choose a whole leg or 1/2 leg option.

Make an appointment and meet our student estheticians. Each is trained to give you a professional waxing with as little discomfort as possible. After your waxing, you will receive a soothing skin treatment to calm your skin. Skin can be red or irritated after waxing, but effects disappear in a couple of hours.

Conveniently book your leg waxing appointment online!

 Leg Waxing Prices

Full Leg, 60 min, $20 | Half Leg, 30 min, $10


Other waxing services include:

Lip, 15 min, $4
Brow, 30 min, $6
Chin, 15 min, $4
Sideburns, 15 min, $4
Full Face, 45 min, $14
Full Leg, 60 min, $20
Half Leg, 30 min, $10
Full Arm, 60 min, $15
Half Arm, 30 min, $8
Underarms, 30 min, $10
Bikini, 30  min, $10
Back, 60 min, $25
Chest, 60 min, $20