Esthetician Program in Denver – Morning Classes

Esthetician Program in Denver – Morning Classes

Ready for a new exciting career to start 2016 strong?

Our 600-hr Aesthetician Licensure Fall Morning Program has a few spots left!

This is a 4 month program.

Classes meet every Mon, Wed, & Fri, 9a – 1p for 4 months.

The program starts:

Mon, Nov 30th, 2015

Call us or email us to enroll! 303-623-3121,

The curriculum is divided into three segments:

  1. 200 hours of in-class lecture and practice, where the student will receive in-depth instruction of and the opportunity to practice a variety of topics: facials, body treatments, natural skincare, aromatherapy, plant brushing microdermabrasion, chemical peels, hair removal, makeup application, skin analysis, sanitation, disinfection, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, state board prep, and business/ethics.
  1. 150 hours of at-home correspondence work, in which reading, homework, and state board prep is the focus. The student will study foundational anatomy, physiology, microbiology, bacteriology, virology, and chemistry (related to skincare), as well as learn about disinfection, sanitation, sterilization, and other safe cleaning and work practices. State board prep includes the study of state rules and regulations, OSHA compliance, and FDA laws.
  1. 250 hours of practicum & clinic – a crucial and unique part of the 600-Hour program. Under direct supervision from a licensed esthetician, students have the chance to practice, practice, practice, developing their skills and gaining experience of a multitude of different skin types, conditions, and clients. The Student Clinic is dedicated to this applied learning; the student also has the option to complete these hours outside of class.

This program combines the best of medical corrective skincare techniques and natural, holistic skincare techniques through a combination of in-class and hands-on learning. The student will not only be given the knowledge to potentially pass the state board exams required to obtain a license, but will also have hands-on practice, experience, skills, and confidence to have a successful and rewarding career. Career opportunities include an entry-level position in health clubs, spas, wellness clinics, Chinese medicine clinics, salons, yoga studios, chiropractor clinics, and more.

The new morning program will meet every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for four months.

A few spots left in the Nov 30th, 2015 morning program!

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