2016 Community Classes & Events

We offer an array of 2016 Community Classes & Events, which are open to anyone in the Community. The classes vary regarding registration. Please pay attention to registration details with each event.  Also, if you see 2 dates listed that’s because the class is offered 2x this year.  We look forward to seeing you at the school soon & often!

Aphrodesia / Kim & Martin / February 12 / December 9 6:30p-9:30p, $30. Enjoy an evening of herbal teas and elixirs, chocolate treats, oils and scrubs all to awaken and stimulate the senses. Registration required. Register online HERE with MGS.

Devil Drug or Healing Herb: The Science of Medical Cannabis / Emory / February 26 6:30p-9:30p, $40.  Modern culture approaches the Cannabis sativa plant with a mixture of confusion, suspicion, and fascination. To some, it’s the “assassin of youth”; to others, a source of pleasure or an essential healing ally. Often lost in the polarized discourse is, what does it actually do? This presentation examines the powerful and growing body of scientific knowledge about the medical effects of cannabis. Lecture and discussion, geared toward healing professionals (herbalists, bodyworkers, nurses, physicians, etc.) and open to all. Registration required. Register with DIMS by calling or emailing us:  303-623-3121 or

Art of Perfume / Martin / March 4 / July 22, 6:30p-9:30p $30
Delve into the subtle art of scent blending developing an understanding of perfume notes, various scent mediums, as well as the therapeutic and psychological effects of essential oils. Registration required. Register online HERE with MGS.

Eating for Optimal Health and Vitality / Cat / March 11 / September 16,  6:30p-9:30p, $40
What is healthy eating? There is a lot of confusing information out there! We will discuss nutrient deficiencies, well documented principles of a healthy diet, how to prepare delicious and nutritious meals, and sample a variety of yummy, nutrient dense food (including seaweed!). Registration required. Register online HERE with MGS.

Cordials, Vinegars, Syrups / Martin / March 18 / August 12,  6:30p-9:30p $40
Join us for a fun evening of libations and creations! We will explore cordials, vinegars and syrups for health and wellness, culinary use and pure enjoyment! Registration required. Register online HERE with MGS.

Devil Drug or Healing Herb: The Science of Medical Cannabis / Emory / April 2,  11a – 6p, $75. This workshop is a longer version of the Feb 26 one. Please refer to that description. Registration required. Register with DIMS by calling or emailing us:  303-623-3121 or

Impossible Healing:  The Science, Theory, and Practice of Energy Medicine / Emory/ April 3, 11a – 6p, $75.  Mainstream science has long considered Energy Medicine to be impossible, while historical references to energy or healing hands in all known cultures, growing scientific support, and the universal experience of bodyworkers say otherwise. Does energy have anything to do with our health? This workshop will address the science, theory, and hands-on experience of Energy Medicine. Lecture, discussion, and experiential, 6 CEU’s available. Especially applicable for healing professionals, open to all. Registration required. Register with DIMS by calling or emailing us; 303-623-3121 or

Body Lotions and Creams / Martin / April 29 / September 9,  6:30p-9:30p, $30
Tired of Colorado dry skin? Learn to create your own lotions and creams for all seasons and skin types using only the purest ingredients! Registration Required. Register online HERE with MGS.

Herbal Medicine Bazaar / May 7 / Dec 17, 6p – 9p, FREE!  Our Herbalism students will be selling their homemade herbal remedies (lotions, lip balms, syrups, tinctures, cordials, etc), our Massage students will be giving free, mini Thai massages.  As you shop, you can enjoy our homemade herbal drinks & treats!  No cost & no registration required.

Makeup Trends for the Season / Rian / May 20 / November 4, $30.  Registration required. Register online HERE with MGS.

Lip Balms and Salves / Martin / May 27 / September 23,  6:30p-9:30p, $30
Say goodbye to chapped lips and cracked hands forever! Craft and formulate your own glossy lip balm, healing hand salves, and muscle ointments for gifts, everyday skin care or herbal first aid. Registration required. Register online HERE with MGS.

The Art of Mead Making / Kim / June 3 / October 14,  6:30p-9:30p , $55
One of the oldest forms of fermentation and definitely one of the most delicious way to enjoy herbs! This class will demonstrate the basic mead making process. Some favorite herbs will be introduced and each participant will create a batch of herbal mead to take home! Registration required. Register online HERE with MGS.

Bath Bombs, Salts and Scrubs / Martin / June 17 / November 11,  6:30p-9:30p,  $30
Learn to create your own invigorating bath fizzes, exfoliating scrubs and soothing soaks. We will explore scents, textures and therapeutic properties for use at home or in professional practice. Registration required.  Register online HERE with MGS.

Nature and Plant Walk / Cat / July 10 / July 31, 8am-11am Boulder (exact location TBD), $25
Meet your local plants and learn their medicinal properties and edibility! You will also learn basic principles of plant ID, several common plant families, and botanical first aid remedies. Registration required.  Register online HERE with MGS.

Friday Night Yoga Club



Students having a ball at Friday Night Yoga Club, 2016



Yoga Rocks The Park

This Denver & Boulder event has become quite the Summer rage amidst the local, Yoga communities, and we are a weekly sponsor!

The School of Botanical Aesthetics is at every, Denver Yoga Rocks the Park event. Before and after each Yoga class in the park, our students and graduates are giving FREE mini botanical facials to all participants. You will be able to find us in the Denver Integrative Massage School tent every Sunday at the Denver park locations.