Eyebrow Waxing in Denver

Eyebrow Waxing in Denver

How often do you look into the mirror and suddenly realize you eyebrows have outgrown their shapely appearance? It seems you just had your eyebrows done. It may be time to book another appointment to reclaim those beautiful eyebrows! If you have been plucking your eyebrows at home, you may want to give professional waxing a go. Eyebrow waxing is preferable to plucking because of the long-lasting results and lack of irritability. It won’t be painless but it’s definitely not as painful as you think and it’s faster than plucking individual hairs!

You may be one of the brave ones and you try waxing DIY at home. Wiki tutorials and on-the-box instructions can only get you so far so. Consider getting your eyebrows waxed in a professional setting. Not only will it be a better quality wax, but it will also hurt less than if you DIY.

When you arrive for your waxing appointment don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask about anything that may be of concern to you, the technicians are always happy to answer your questions. The technicians also use professional products that will cleanse the area without leaving a residue that could clog pores and cause ingrown hairs.

When you’re getting the wax to breathe deeply. Think ‘zen’ thoughts and make small talk with your technician. The technicians specialize in speed waxing, making the process as comfortable as possible for you. The more comfortable you are, the less your body will recoil from the waxing. Next time you reach for the tweezers you’ll just remember how great you looked and head back for eyebrow waxing again.

School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics offers eyebrow waxing in Denver for deeply discounted prices. Conveniently book your appointment online. Also check out our other waxing services.