Fall Special – Natural & Medical Facials

Fall Special – Natural & Medical Facials

Feeling the cooling temperatures and the fall in the air is a perfect time to schedule a soothing, pampering facial! Our clinic offers both natural and medical facials. For the next 2 weeks the already sweet prices of facials are discounted even more!

Natural Facial — $23
Medical Facial — $23

Natural Facial, 60 min, SALE — $23 (until Oct 31st, 2014)

Our custom natural facials are beyond “natural”–they are organic, biodynamic, and holistic. This type of facial is great to receive in between your medical facials and as an always-nurturing and replenishing facial.  We use Dr. Haushcka products for our natural facials, which is a holistic skincare company from Germany that sources their ingredients from biodynamic farms. The session will include:

  • Warm, facial, aromatherapeutic compresses of lavender
  • Cleansing Milk, cream cleanser that gently cleanses while repairing the barrier function
  • Cleansing Cream, a second cleanser that provides deep cleansing and mild exfoliation without stripping or damaging the skin
  • 10 minutes of facial steaming while leg compressions and heated Thai herbal compresses are pressed along the legs
  • Extractions to complete the cleansing process, removing any impurities and identifying skin concerns
  • Facial massage
  • Treatment mask specific to the client’s individual skincare needs
  • Decollete, arm, and hand massage with heated, Thai herbal compresses
  • Facial Toner, restores balance and tightens pores
  • Moisturizer, protects from the elements and supports the skin
  • Eye balm, protects from harsh environmental conditions & prevents loss of valuable moisture
  • Lip balm, repairs cracks and tears in tissue and prevents from further damage
  • Sunscreen, (Image skincare product), so the skin is protected when going outside

Medical Facial, 60 min, SALE — $23 (Until Oct. 31st, 2014)

Our custom Medical Facials are attuned to your specific, skin condition needs.  We use the Image skincare products for our medical facials, which are cosmeceuticals designed to actively address your skin care concerns. The session will include the same steps as the Natural Facial but with a different product line. The Medical Facial includes Skin Analysis, Cleansing, Steaming, Facial Massage, Decollete/Arm/Hand Massage, Extractions, Mask/Treatment/Serum, Moisturizing, SPF, and product recommendations for your skincare needs.

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