Herbalism Program

NEW 500-Hour Herbalism Program
Starts on July 8th, 2014

mortar with herbsWe are excited to introduce our newest program offering at Denver Integrative Massage School. The inaugural 500-hr Herbalism Program starts on July 8th, 2014

500-hr Herbalism Program includes:

50 hours of Pathophysiology
– classes meet 2 Tuesday nights per month for 6 months (5:30p – 9p)

50 hours of Materia Medica
– 2 Thursday nights per month for 6 months (5:30p – 9p)

100 hours of an assortment of herbalism weekend classes
– 1 weekend per month for 6 months

100 hours of homework/assignments outside of class throughout program

50 hours of volunteer work at a community garden and/or farm

150 hours of clinic practicum


Tuition for the 500-hr program is $3,100 with $250 deposit.

For more information and to enroll visit HerbalismRoots.com