Make-Up Tricks That Can Make You Look Older

Make-Up Tricks That Can Make You Look Older

woman applying makeup powderWe hear about the new-age products and tricks that make you look younger overnight. But what we don’t hear as often, are the Make-Up No-No’s that actually reverse the desired effect—they make you look older.

There are 10 basic mistakes that women are using that date them, and make them appear older than they actually are. Here are the simple rules to follow when applying Make Up to a client, or yourself.


Do not skip wearing foundation. It leaves your skin patchy, dull and uneven. Wear the right shade, and right amount, it will make your skin glow and look more youthful.


Placement is key. We were always taught to apply to the apples of the cheeks. Common mistake. It dates you by at least twenty years. Placement under the cheekbone, and it makes your face appear like it is sagging. Blush should be used sparingly, along the cheekbone and the right color. Blush color should be harmonious with lip color and sheer, making a glowing effect.

Lip Liner

It’s a thing of the past. Do not replace lip liner for lipstick. It will actually outline the lines and wrinkles around your mouth. If you are still wanting to use lip liner, pick a color that is the same shade as your lips or lipstick. It will blend much easier. And if you want your lip color to last longer, fill in between the lines with lip liner before applying your lipstick.                           


Make sure it’s the right color for your skin tone. If it’s the wrong color it will outline more wrinkles, lines and flaws. You will get the same issue if you use too much concealer as well. Use concealer sparingly, as needed, and matching your skin town to brighten trouble areas.


Using eye liner on the bottom lid is history. It actually makes your eyes look droopy and saggy. Use liner on both lids for a softer look, or just the top for a modern look.

Tips on Enhancing the Eyes:

  • No bright or unnatural colors. It is dated and can outline wrinkles around your eyes.
  • Use mascara instead, from root to tip.
  • Keep brows well shaped and well defined. Thin eyebrows will age you, be careful not to over groom them. . If you have thin eyebrows, try penciling them in. it will give you a fuller eyebrow and make you look more youthful.

There are many other tricks and tips out there to create a younger appearance through Make Up and beauty products. Book an appointment for makeup application at our student clinic, only $10! Click here for more information about our clinic offerings.