Natural Facial for Winter Skin Care

Natural Facial for Winter Skin Care

spa treatmentDuring the colder and drier winter months, your face takes its fair share of damage. Freezing temperatures paired with harsh, biting wind can really take a toll on your skin, leaving it dry, wind-burned, red, and chapped. It is important to keep a healthy skin care routine throughout these chilly months; however, keep in mind that using department store skin products can actually make your skin worse. Many drugstore products contain harsh chemicals that dry out your skin and leave it looking dull and drab – the last thing you need during the already unforgiving winter! Opt for natural, organic ingredients that will moisturize, soothe, and protect your skin from the elements and turn a winter-chilled face radiant and glowing.

One of the best and easiest skincare treatments to add into your routine is a natural facial. Natural facials produce fresh and healthy results, and give your skin the added boost it needs to survive the chilly winter (without any unwanted chemicals). Organic facials are an excellent option to relieve and refresh the skin, as well as de-stress and relax. The benefits include increased circulation to achieve a healthy glow (which is crucial during winter when skin can look dull and flat), preventing fine lines and wrinkles by maintaining skin’s suppleness, cleansing the skin of built-up toxins, hydrating the skin (another important element to fight winter dryness), and overall relaxation and wellness.

Our aesthetics clinic offers both natural and medical facials at deeply discounted prices. The Natural Facial, a 60-minute organic, biodynamic, and holistic facial is a nurturing and replenishing treatment for the skin that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and cleansed. Using products from Dr. Haushcka, a German holistic skin care company, the session includes warm, aromatic lavender compresses, cleansing milk and cream, facial steaming, heated Thai herbal leg compresses, extractions, massage on the face, decollete, arms, and hands, treatment masks and toners, moisturizers, eye and lip balm, and sunscreen. The Natural Facial is a comprehensive facial treatment for all skin types for renewal, relaxation, balance, and protection.

If you have specific skin care concerns, you may also want to check out the clinic’s Medical Facials. These facials are custom-made for your individual skin condition needs.

Both the Natural and Medical Facials are just $26 for 60 minutes. Make your appointment today, easy online booking.