Natural Skin Care for Sensitive Facial Skin

Natural Skin Care for Sensitive Facial Skin

It can be a challenge to find the right skin care methods and product, especially for a sensitive facial skin.

Dermatologists categorize the facial skin into two areas. The T region, also called the first region takes into account the chin, lips, nose bridge and the fore head. The second region entails cheeks and the area below the eyes. An analysis of different skin types shows that the T region is mostly oily and the second region is classified as dry. These regions require skin care for sensitive skin type to prevent them from damage as they are mostly exposed.

Facial care involves the following preliminary aspects:


The face is the most exposed region of the body and routine cleansing should be applied to it. Cleansing milk and face packs are the most common cleaning agents. They are obtainable in natural and cosmetic nature. Milk is the best ingredient for facial cleansing for its organic nature and the capability to clean away secretion of natural oils that assist in moisturizing the skin.

Rubbing and Exfoliating

The skin contains a considerable amount of dead cells, thus exfoliating and rubbing leaves the skin devoid of roughness instigated by dead cells. Using grains for face rubs achieves concentrated results as they are similar to the grain of the face. Other good scrubbers include flour thrash and fine grained sugar.

Sun-screening and Moisturizing

Moisturizing is particularly significant regardless of whether you have oily, dry, sensitive or normal skin. The main ingredient for skin softening is water. Moisturizing agents like herbs and cosmetics assist to maintain the water equilibrium in the skin. Frequent splattering of water on the face makes certain that impurities do not settle on the skin. Use of tap water is not optimal due to chemicals that may be present in the water. Spring water is a great option.

Adhering to regular natural skin care will help you maintain supple and glossy skin that you, friends and relatives will be proud of. So choosing the best facial skin care that compliments your skin is vital.