Paint Your Nails, Lose The Toxins

Paint Your Nails, Lose The Toxins

Painting NailsHaving your nails done is a form of pampering that can brighten your mood and be a special treat after a long week.  It seems manicures and pedicures are a trend that more and more women are willing to pay for.  However, the ingredients used to make nail polish can be quite harmful.

Nail polish is typically made from a list of unpronounceable chemicals that really shouldn’t be included on something that goes on your nails.  There are three in particular, and they are known as “the toxic trio.”

The first of the three is Dibutyl phthalate.  It has been shown to be a possible asthma trigger and has been associated with developmental and reproductive disorders.  The second is Toluone.  Toluone is a solvent found in gasoline.  It is easily absorbed through the nails and causes dizziness and intoxication-like symptoms.  The final chemical is Formaldehyde.  This is a known human carcinogen.  No explanation necessary there. 

If you love the look of vibrant colored fingernails and toenails, but worry about all those nasty chemicals in nail polish, you will be pleased to know that there are more and more chemical-free options available.  These brands do not contain “the toxic trio” and come in a variety of shades and colors that are on trend with mainstream products.  Many of these polishes can be removed with rubbing alcohol, thus eliminating the need to buy acetone nail polish remover. There’s another harmful beauty product you don’t have to worry about!

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