600-Hour Aesthetician Licensure Program

We have start dates every quarter.  We have four start dates for the Weekend classes each year:  Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall.  We have two Weekday Immersion options each year (5-week immersion) in the Spring & Fall, and we have two Weekday Morning options each year (May & November).

The weekend option meets for classes every other weekend, Saturday and Sunday, for Six months. (Practicum/Clinic hours can be earned during the six months of classes.)

The Weekday Immersion option meets for classes every weekday (Mon – Fri) for Five weeks. This option has the same class hours as the other program options, just immersed into Five weeks. (Practicum/Clinic hours normally begin after the student completes the immersion.)

The Weekday Morning option meets for classes every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday morning (9a – 1p) for Four months. (Practicum/Clinic hours can be earned during the four months of classes.)

Practicum/Clinic hours can be earned in a variety of ways:  We have Clinic available every day of the week and alternating weekends to class.  Students have flexibility to work the days/hours that work best with their schedules based on a first-come, first-serve basis.  In addition, students can earn practicum hours outside of the school setting via an Internship/Apprenticeship with a Licensed Esthetician.