School Of Botanical Aesthetics Is More Than Beauty School

School Of Botanical Aesthetics Is More Than Beauty School

SproutThe word botanical in our name states our esthetician school’s primary focus and is one of our core beliefs in training future estheticians. The School of Botanical Aesthetics focuses on plants and all of their wonderful properties that can be included in natural and organic skin care products.  This is more than just beauty school.

Our number one priority is to educate our students in understanding the purity and quality of skin care products.  This means that students learn that highest quality refers to ingredients not the price.  When trained estheticians complete our program they will be raising the level of awareness among their clients and teaching them that just because a product has the word ‘natural’ on its label, does not make it so. 

This holistic approach also contains an element of recognizing that by becoming an esthetician, you are also becoming a healer.  In Yogic philosophy the idea of ahimsa means “to do no harm.”  So this means that treating skin care problems doesn’t have to involve treatments and products that may do harm to the body at a deeper level or harm the earth.  Our students look at the whole person and their lifestyle choices.  Creating healthy, radiant skin comes from the food we eat, the products we use, the quality of our thoughts and how we wish to spend our time day to day.  

Upon completion of the School of Botanical Aesthetics you will feel confident and prepared to take and pass the Colorado State exam and will even be trained to work as a medical esthetician.  This program moves beyond the traditional cosmetic approach to skin care and offers students to gain a higher level of awareness in how we view skin care.

Interested in a career as an esthetician? Join our 600-hr holistic, botanical aesthetican program. Next program starts March 30th. View courses included in our program.