Skin Care For Oily Skin

Skin Care For Oily Skin

In the mirrorOily skin is very common, but many people don’t understand the causes and  how to take care of your oily skin.

Oily Skin

Oily skin is a skin type, as a skincare professional would tell you.  But even people who don’t have the oily skin type can suffer from bouts of oily skin from one reason or another.  You can diagnose oily skin by noting that it is shiny and has large pores, especially around the nose and cheeks.  Those with oily skin will have problems with makeup not lasting throughout the day and will usually have a problem with acne breakouts and persistent blackheads. 


Permanent oily skin type is a genetic trait.  For people with genetic oily skin, choosing the right treatment will be imperative to managing this condition permanently. 

Seasonal changes can cause oily skin.  In the summer, the heat and humidity increase oil production.  In the winter, with the drying effects, the skin can overcompensate by increasing oil production.  Stress is another temporary inducer of oily skin.  Hormones cause oily skin, so women are especially prone to developing this condition.

It’s commonly believed that eating oily foods contributes to oily skin and breakouts, but this hasn’t been legitimately confirmed. But on the other hand, it has been confirmed that a good diet, especially one with high antioxidant levels and adequate water, contribute to excellent skin results.

The main thing to remember is that oil is actually a protector of the skin.  So if you do anything that may damage the skin, such as buff too hard with a washcloth or exfoliator, or expose the skin to UV radiation, it may react initially by drying out, but the skin will then increase oil protection to the skin.  Skin care for oily skin should always be gentle to avoid this response.


Because of the high oil production involved with oily skin, gentle exfoliation is very important. 

Responsible use of skincare products is another important prevention tip, as many people actually develop oily skin from over-use of products.

Cleanliness is important for anyone with oily skin, and the skin will benefit from gentle cleansing twice a day, and some people find that adding a mid-day cleansing is beneficial.  Just be sure that the products are not stripping oils out of the skin so significantly that the skin begins to fight back with extra oil production.