Spring Skin Care Tips

Spring Skin Care Tips

Winter can be harsh on your skin—especially on your face. The blowing wind, cold and freezing temperatures can make the skin on your face flaky, ashen, aged, and dull. Then, when the snow melts, the sun starts to show up more and more, posing even more potential threats to your skin. Chemicals and procedures are not always the answer. The key to great skin, should be more natural. So how can you prepare for spring after a long harsh winter?

Skin Care in the Spring

One way is to become a fish! Not literally. But up your consumption of water, and your skin will become much brighter and more elastic. Skin thrives on water, and needs it to maximize its’ elasticity and functionality. The more water you consume, the better your skin will look and feel.

While drinking water, make sure you take your vitamins. Skin loves Vitamin E and Vitamin D. Multivitamins with those included is a great plus. Not only will it help your skin brighten and glow, it will help your overall health as well. Everyone needs a boost, especially with spring allergens.

After that long harsh winter, your skin takes the hit from the cold and dry air. It could become flaky and dull. The best way to face the new season, is by exfoliating. Exfoliating rids the surface of all of those dead skin cells, bringing out the best and the newest. This is especially important when shaving those hairy winter legs…keep in mind the skin on your legs is dry, and shaving will cause more dryness. Exfoliating before and after the first shave of the season will help improve the appearance of those warm-weather ready legs.

As we all know, after winter comes the sun. We are eager to stretch from the caves and soak up those rays…but we tend to forget that those rays are harmful. Use SPF on the daily! Protecting your skin is very important. Sun damage can cause early aging, and even cancer. So use that sunscreen, and keep that younger looking skin for even longer.

Our skin is from head to toe; so let’s not forget those feet! A great idea, would be a pedicure. But all of those harsh chemicals and procedures, can set back the skin and the natural remedies it craves. Instead, try an at-home soak. Find a good, relaxing, exfoliating salt, warm water, and a tub. Relax, kick back and soak those toes! Afterwards dry them off, and moisturize with natural Aragon oil or coconut oil. It’s soothing and keeps skin soft and smooth.

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