Natural Form of Waxing – Sugaring

Sugaring is form of waxing or hair removal that has been around since the ancient Egyptians. Women of ancient Egypt believed that a hairless body was the preferred standard of beauty and discovered that a simple mixture of sugar, lemon and water created a method of hair removal that still exists today.

The process and the recipe hasn’t changed since. Men and women prefer this method of hair removal because it causes less irritation, pain and breakage. The hair is removed in the same direction as it grows, which lead to less ingrown hairs. The paste doesn’t actually stick to the skin and that is what makes it less painful. This form of waxing can be done on hair that is only 1/16 of an inch long, therefore you don’t have to wait as much between waxing appointments. Also, the sugar is a natural exfoliator for dry skin. So as you remove the hair, you also remove dead skin cells. The paste is applied at the same temperature as your body, so you won’t feel the burn.

The recipe for sugaring is incredibly simple. It consists of just three ingredients – sugar, of course, water and lemon. You essentially heat the mixture to a hard ball at 260 degrees.

We at School of Medical & Botanical Aesthetics offer training in sugaring in our 600 hr esthetician course.