The Windows to the Soul

The Windows to the Soul

eye close-upOne of the areas estheticians have to be mindful and aware off are client’s eyes. You may run into situations where client’s eyes are very sensitive or the client has other issues with their eyes.

Eye Sensitivity

The skin around the eyes is far more sensitive than that on other parts of the body. It’s important for an esthetician to be extremely gentle when treating crow’s feet and fine lines around the eyes. be mindful of your fingers, how gentle your touch is and how each client reacts when you treat areas around their eyes.

Product Selection

What type of skin the client has, as well as if there are any issues or concerns with the client’s eyes dictates what types of products you could use on the client’s face. One of the important areas esthetics students study, is what products to use and when.

Make Up

Sometime the make up your client uses can be the cause of irritation, and other potential eye problems. Make up that contains high quality natural ingredients are a better option for the sensitive facial skin.

Keeping in mind that the skin around the eyes is the thinnest on the human body and it’s very delicate allows you to offer a gentle touch. Proper product selection can help the clients with their eyes, and it’s something that your clients will certainly appreciate.