Top Spa Treatments for Winter

Top Spa Treatments for Winter

Nothing feels more relaxing during the cold winter months and after a stressful holiday season than treating yourself to rejuvenating, replenishing clinic services. The Denver School of Botanical & Medical Aesthetics offers a wide variety of head to toe treatments to fight the winter chill: facials, body treatments, peels, microdermabrasion, and more. Regardless of the treatment you choose, the result will be moisturized, smooth skin and all-over cozy warmth, in the middle of winter! Here are the top spa treatments you should get to warm you up during the winter season.

Detoxifying Body Ritual – $24/60 minutes

This all-over body treatment is a unique invention and won’t be found anywhere else! The treatment incorporates various healing techniques into one powerhouse treatment. The session begins with dry brushing, which is one of the best things to do for winter skin. Dry brushing sloughs off dead, flaky skin and increases circulation, leaving you with soft, silky skin and a rosy glow. To lock in moisture, warm sesame seed oil will be applied, followed by aromatherapy through heated Thai herbal compresses and sound medicine. You will feel warm, renewed, and at ease physically, mentally, and spiritually after this body treatment!

Natural Facial – $26/60 minutes

During the winter, your complexion can become dull and dry – the Natural Facial is the cure to hydrate, cleanse, and replenish your skin! Because skin is more sensitive during winter, it is important to seek out a facial treatment that doesn’t use harsh products. The Natural Facial at the clinic is ideal for sensitive skin, as it uses only organic, biodynamic, and holistic products. Cleansing milk and cream provide gentle cleansing and light exfoliation, while toners, balms, moisturizers, warm compresses, massage, and more give the skin the attention it needs to restore suppleness, smoothness, and radiance to your complexion.


Once the warm weather is exchanged for icy cold, exposed legs are a thing of the past. Leggings, thermals, pants, long socks – during winter, you are usually covered up in layers! While personal grooming habits vary, many ladies forgo shaving during the winter months.

Many women don’t realize that regular waxing during the winter will actually make it easier to upkeep body hair during the summer. Regular waxing conditions the hair to grow back finer and lighter, and eventually certain patches won’t grow back at all. This means less hassle, quicker appointments, and hair-free periods of about 8 weeks at a time! The student clinic uses a honey wax for the body and face, and a milk chocolate wax for more sensitive areas.

Lip: $6/15 minutes
Brow: $7/30 minutes
Chin: $6/15 minutes
Sideburns: $6/15 minutes
Full Face: $24/45 minutes
Full Leg: $24/60 minutes
Half Leg: $12/30 minutes
Full Arm: $18/60 minutes
Half Arm: $9/30 minutes
Underarms: $10/30 minutes
Bikini: $12/30 minutes
Brazilian: $29/60 minutes (females only)
Back: $32/60 minutes
Chest: $32/60 minutes

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We also offer medical facials, dermaplaning, back-ials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, brow & lash tinting, and makeup application.

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