Two Main Causes of Wrinkles: Sun & Sugar

Two Main Causes of Wrinkles: Sun & Sugar

Skin inspection under lightWrinkles are one of the biggest beauty concerns faced universally by both men and women.  Unfortunately, none of us can avoid them completely, so it really becomes more of a question of how best to manage the aging process, keeping the skin supple and wrinkle-free for as long as possible.  So here is a look at to mail causes for wrinkles and what can be done to correct them.


Damage from the sun is one of the leading causes for wrinkles, skin aging and skin cancer.  Unfortunately in the past, sun damage just was not understood.  In the 1960’s for example, radio stations would have contests and give away tickets to whoever could show up at the radio studio with the darkest tan.  Today we know that sunless tanning is much safer and sunburns should be avoided by any means necessary, but many people, especially from older generations, have already experienced extensive sun damage. 

The sun causes damage to skin by taking hydration from even the deepest layers of skin, which causes a breakdown of collagen and elastin, making skin essentially like a deflated balloon – unable to snap back without the plumping effect of collagen and elastin.  Obviously, the best way to deal with this is to prevent it.  Wear sunscreen religiously, add a hat for good measure and try to avoid the sun during the peak times of day when UV rays are highest.  This will prevent any further damage and may have a reversing effect on the damage that’s already been done.  If you’ve already had damage from the sun, there are some things you can do to reverse it.  Chemical exfoliation with a product continaing 5 to  percent concentration of glycolic acid will remove some of the damaged cells and allow healthy ones to emerge.  Brown spots can be alleviated with a product containing a 2 percent concentration of hydroquinone.  Antioxidant rich skin care products may also help to prevent cancer and help your cells to stop the process of breaking down and forming wrinkles. 


Sugar is unhealthy for us in a number of ways, but many people don’t realize that it also contributes to premature aging of the skin.  The sugar we eat connects with our bodies’ proteins in a process called glycation.  The molecules that result from the sugar and protein combining are harmful and the more there are of them in your body, the more damage will happen to your bodies’ protiens.  Since collagen and elastin are protiens, it’s clear how this process can damage skin and is one of the biggest causes for wrinkles.  This is why studies have shown that people with diabetes often have signs of premature aging.

The first step to preventing the bad effects of sugar on your diet is to cut the sugar out significantly or completely.  Refined sugars are especially damaging.  Adding a lot of antioxidants in your diet and your skin regime will also help to fix some of this damage.