What Does it Mean to Give a Facial?

What Does it Mean to Give a Facial?

As a licensed esthetician, you will be called upon regularly to provide facials for your clients.  While many of the benefits might be seen from a superficial level, such as making your clients’ skin appear younger, there is a deeper level of offering that is both rewarding to the esthetician as well as their client.

A person who seeks out the services of an esthetician might be looking to get help solving a particular skincare issue or looking to engage in some self-care.  Whatever the reason, the esthetician is responsible for providing a deeply nourishing experience that can be a gateway to not only creating fantastic looking skin, but to perhaps initiating long lasting lifestyle changes.

A facial can be incredibly relaxing for the client and can lead to reducing stress levels.  It can also make one feel self conscious with so much focused attention.  Being able to work with a professional who is patient, caring and sensitive to their clients’ needs can make the difference between a returning client and one who just comes in once.

At the School of Botanical Aesthetics, we take a holistic approach to skin care.  Our experienced teachers understand the importance of treating each client individually with unique skin care needs. Once your training is complete, you will have a greater knowledge of what that means, by showing your clients how to care for their skin properly, not just with products but by the food that they eat and the thoughts they think.  It may sound like a cliche but when you feel good inside, it will be reflected across your face.  That’s what being an esthetician is all about!

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