Yoga and Esthetics: A Perfect Combination

Yoga and Esthetics: A Perfect Combination

Being a yoga practitioner or a yoga teacher, you are already attuned to living from a place that resonates at much deeper level.  For someone who has committed to regular yoga practice, has also committed to living well and that means eating well and creating life enhancing habits and patterns.  This way of living is reflected in the appearance of skin and the products that are used daily. 

Our esthetics program at the School of Botanical Aesthetics embraces a holistic approach to caring for skin.  We are more than a beauty school.  We want our graduates to learn mindfulness, both in the products and the treatments that are used.  We teach our students to be in tune with the individual client and their needs, just as a yoga teacher would be in tune with their students’ needs. 

Yoga teachers are naturally compassionate and willing to give their attention to their students.  Becoming an esthetician requires the very same elements.  While yoga, focuses on the breath in union with movement to restore balance in mind and body, a holistic approach in esthetics seeks the same balance by looking at the quality of your thoughts and the quality of the foods you use to nourish yourself.  All these things will be reflected in the appearance of your skin. 

If you are already on a path that offers a modality of healing, then the School of Botanical Aesthetics might be the perfect compliment to what you are already providing.