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10 Ingredients to Shed 10 Years off Your Skin

One of the most commonly used terms when it comes to skin care products and procedures is “anti-aging.” As the years pass, we become more and more concerned with looking younger and keeping our skin free of the signs of aging – wrinkles, sun spots, hyperpigmentation, sagging, fine lines, and more. There are so many products that boast anti-aging properties, but do they really work? If you know what to look for on the label, you are one step closer to younger, radiant skin.

Here are 10 ingredients you should keep an eye out for that can help you shed 10 years off your skin. Don’t let the technical terminology detract from the bottom line: these ingredients work!

Encapsulated retinaldehyde

This pro-drug is similar to retinol, with less irritating side effects (making it a great option for all skin types). It has been shown to reduce and prevent wrinkles, repair UVA damage, stimulate cells, and eliminate bacteria.

Dioxygenated lipopeptide

This peptide stimulates six of the skin’s essential rebuilding molecules – fibronectin, collagen I, collagen II, collagen IV, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans. It helps prevent wrinkles by keeping skin supple and firm, and hydrates, smoothes, and plumps the skin. This peptide also lowers the skin’s inflammatory response.

Galactoarabinan (GA)

GA is a natural plant collagen that promotes cell renewal, reduces trans-epidermal water loss, improves skin’s texture, and minimizes the appearance of fine lines. It has also been shown to enhance the SPF in other products.

Chrono peptide

This peptide benefits the skin’s cell-regeneration activity and defense systems. By bringing balance to your natural circadian rhythm, chrono peptide promotes repair, renewal, and regeneration of cells, microcirculation, and vitamin D activation.

Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7/palmitoyl oligopeptide

Say goodbye to dark circles! This powerhouse ingredient helps eliminate the blood pigments that cause dark circles and inflammation in the eye area. It also tones and firms the delicate skin around your eyes, which can help reduce sagging and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Arginine (L)/Hexapeptide-30 Complex

This peptide helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, especially expression-related lines, by reducing the nerve signal intensity and muscular contractions in areas that are susceptible.

Ergothioneine (L)

This ingredient is an antioxidant and amino acid; it can help brighten skin tone, improve cellular respiration, protect against UV damage and collagen damage, energize and clarify the skin, and protect against environmental damage (pollution, heavy metals, etc.).

Cetearyl/sorbitan olivate

This combination of fatty acids can help reduce water loss and provide skin with deep hydrating benefits to keep it strong, healthy, and glowing.

Organic stem cells

Organic stem cells extracted from certain plants and fruits can promote longevity in human cells, protect the skin from UV stress, provide antioxidants, and act as an anti-inflammatory agent. They can repair, brighten, smooth, and tighten the skin.

Albizia julibrissan bark extract

This plant, also known as the Persian silk tree or mimosa, improves skin’s respiration, cellular energy, pigment formation, and decreases toxin build-up.