About Us

At the School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics, we strive to offer students the Best of Both Worlds, the natural and the medical aspects of skincare.  

Botanical means “of or relating to plants”. We believe in the healing and nourishing properties of plants and of pure, plant-based products. We know that essential oils and plant-based ingredients can improve skin tone and health. We only use the highest quality essential oils at our student clinic. Half of our aesthetician licensure program focuses on botanical and natural approaches to skincare, including classes on aromatherapy, product knowledge, facial massage, and nutrition.

Our program also devotes half of the curriculum to the Art of Medical Aesthetics, which includes instruction on microdermabrasion, chemical peels, dermaplaning, and corrective approaches to skincare. Our students learn how to treat certain skin conditions that need more advanced, medical approaches, such as wrinkles, acne scarring, and hyper-pigmentation. In order for our graduates to be competitive and effective in the skincare industry, we think it’s imperative for them to have training in these medical arts in order to best individualize their treatments to help clients reach their skincare goals. We use the Sanitas skincare line for our medical approach to skincare (facials & peels), and we use high quality makeup for a medical, pure, and glamorous look.

Our school is approved to teach aesthetics in the state of Colorado by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, and we offer state exam prep courses as part of the program to help our students successfully take and pass the state board exams. The state of Colorado requires students to take and pass both a written exam and a practical exam in order to become a licensed aesthetician.

Our program includes detailed state board prep classes, so the students have their practical exam kit ready to practice with and use during the state exam. In addition, we have classes and clinics to practice the board protocols, so the student feels very prepared for the exam.

We believe that helping others improve their skin quality is paramount in helping them feel better about themselves. The skin is the largest organ, and it’s also the first thing that someone will notice. Our students learn how to help others feel and look better about themselves. We also believe that true beauty is both internal as well as external: A beautiful smile and beautiful skin are a fabulous combination. What an amazing career choice!