Jen Krouwer

Director of Admissions & Administration

Jen is a former Herbalism Roots student, where she was able to nurture her love of plants and expand her knowledge of their incredible ability to promote beauty and healing inside and out. She has always had a passion for learning and holistic wellness, and is honored to share that passion with the student community at DIMS! With over 10 years in the administrative and logistics field, Jen feels at home with the exciting fast-pace of admissions, and is thrilled to be supporting students that are following their hearts to pursue their dreams! When Jen isn’t at DIMS, she can be found either spoiling her two cats, reading, cooking, hiking, or learning to play guitar!

Alison Torres

Assistant Director of Admissions

Alison is a Licensed Esthetician and recent graduate of SBMA. Her love of makeup and makeup artistry led her to the world of aesthetics but through the program, gained a love for skin and skincare. Upon visiting SBMA, she knew right away that it would be an incredible opportunity for her education. Now, as a part of the administration team, she is incredibly excited to connect with students and continue to help foster the positive, welcoming, and uplifting environment at SBMA. She is committed to helping students gain the same wonderful experience and comprehensive education that she experienced while completing the program.
In her free time, Alison enjoys traveling, helping her husband make wine, hanging out with her very cuddly chocolate lab, and being outside as much as possible!

Julia McWilliams

Assistant Director of Administration & Admissions

Julia has worked in the wellness industry for the past five years working with a variety of wellness practitioners to facilitate healing in the Denver community. She has studied Integrative Healthcare at Metro State University, learning about approaching people from a holistic standpoint and encouraging healing from within. She specializes in an empathetic approach to customer service and public outreach and loves teaching all that she has learned about herbalism. She is a past student of Herbalism Roots and is passionate about helping form unique connections between people and the natural world.

Molly McClellan

Assistant Director of Administration & Admissions

A lifelong student, Molly has a passion for all things learning. In addition to being a graduate of the Herbalism Roots Program, she is a Certified Yoga Instructor and has completed numerous dance certifications and teacher training. Molly has been involved with multiple facets of the Wellness Industry for over 20 years and is excited to use her knowledge to support and guide students. Her ultimate goal is for students to experience the same fantastic care and assistance that she did while she was enrolled with the school.

In her free time, she can be found playing with herbs, dancing, teaching, reading, or spending time outside with her dogs and husband.

Hillary Hilliard

Executive Director & Founder

Hillary is the founder and executive director of this Holistic Nutrition Therapy program, as well as sister programs: The Denver Integrative Massage School, School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics and the Herbalism Roots program. Hillary has been practicing Thai Yoga Massage since 2004 and has been teaching since 2006. Hillary has had extensive training in Thailand, and her practice and teaching draw from her Thai Yoga Massage studies as well as her work with a local Physical Therapist. Hillary is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Colorado, a Registered Thai Therapist, and a Registered Yoga Therapist. Early in Hillary’s massage practice, she worked at a medical spa in Denver, that introduced her to the world of Aesthetics, Skincare, and Beauty. In addition, Hillary is a Certified Herbalist and believes in the healing and nourishing properties of plant-based products and essential oils to soothe the skin. The School of Botanical & Medical Aesthetics is the child of Hillary’s various interests and passions–a fusion of both worlds: natural/botanical and medical/corrective. Both areas are needed to ensure proper treatment of all skincare conditions.