Adam Hilliard

Director of Operations

Adam is the co-founder of the school and executive director of the School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics, along with the sister programs: Denver Integrative Massage School and Herbalism Roots. Adam has been involved with the school from the inception; however, his full-time job for the last two plus decades has been as a technology executive working with and managing large accounts like Google, American Express, CenturyLink, Dish Networks and hundreds of other well-known companies from Colorado to California. During this time in technology, Adam also started a Real Estate property management company where he and his business partner would purchase homes in metro Denver, rehab them, and then rent them out. Adam started doing this over 20 years ago when homes in Denver were inexpensive and there was no HGTV. Adam has a keen eye for aesthetics and has remodeled over 30 properties. He grew up in the Midwest in a family of small business owners and kept his full-time job in technology for stability and to fund his real passion as an entrepreneur. He is a self-described “creative pragmatist” when it comes to decision-making and problem-solving. Adam recently transitioned from being behind the scenes to a more active role in the school’s daily operations.