Anti-aging, wrinkle-fighting, collagen-boosting, younger looking skin – these are just a few of the terms you are probably familiar with when it comes to finding help for your skin as you age. However, before you go out and buy every anti-aging product and procedure for younger looking skin, it is best to research the facts. What is true and what is a myth? Here are just a few of the common myths about anti-aging skin care.

1. The more expensive, the better results

Myth! The truth: More money does not always equal better product or increased results. The most important factor of skin care products is the ingredient list! For example, when it comes to fighting wrinkles, tretinoin is the most important ingredient – there are brand name creams and generic creams available that contain this ingredient. Skin care can be cost-effective AND produce great results!

2. Anti-aging products cause skin irritation

Myth! The truth: Often times, products that claim to be anti-aging have exfoliating properties, which can explain why they may cause some skin peeling or flaking. The key to avoiding irritation with these products is to introduce them slowly into your routine to allow your skin to become accustomed to the extra exfoliation or new ingredients.

3. When to see results, you can stop using the product

Myth! The truth: Just because you may see a change in your skin’s signs of aging doesn’t mean you can cross the product off your list forever. Many products need to be used continually and for the long-term to maintain lasting results. Always check with your dermatologist before discontinuing the use of any prescribed anti-aging skin care product.

4. Sunscreen doesn’t need to be used after a certain age

Myth! The truth: Sun damage has no age limit! As long as you are spending time outdoors, your skin is prone to sun damage. It is crucial to always wear sunscreen – every day – to protect your skin against signs of aging and skin cancer.

5. Anti-aging face creams can be used all over the body

Myth! The truth: Although these face creams may provide the rest of your skin with anti-aging benefits, it is an extremely expensive way to get results. Face creams are often sold in smaller packages, and cost more than anti-aging body creams. Save money by using products designed specifically for face and body in the correct areas.

6. The more products you use, the better the results

Myth! The truth: More product doesn’t mean more improvement to your skin. In fact, overusing anti-aging skin products has the opposite effect as it increases your risk for irritation.

7. Your diet doesn’t matter after a certain age

Myth! The truth: Your diet ALWAYS matters. As you age, your skin needs a diet designed to maintain its health, just as your body requires a balanced diet to stay healthy. A diet full of vitamins and nutrients will help keep your skin looking and feeling younger, radiant, and fresh.