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Ayurveda and Your Skin

When looking at skin from a  holistic view, we believe that the the skin and its appearance are a direct manifestation of everything we do.  From the foods that we eat and the thoughts that we think.  If we want to change the appearance of our complexion then we will have to change our thoughts, emotions and habits.  This includes diet. 

The practice of Ayurveda is an ancient Indian science and is often called yoga’s “sister science.”  In Ayurveda, there is the belief that we have a specific mind-body type, called doshas.  We can help maintain healthy skin when we know our beauty type or dosha.  You can think of it as your constitution.  There are three doshas: vata, pitta and kapha.

People who express characteristics of vata tend to have fine, delicate skin.  Skin problems that are usually apparent are dryness, wrinkles and an overall dull appearance.  The main thing that vatas need to focus on are re-hydration and nourishment.  It is important that you drink the recommended eight glass of water a day and  include warm, sweet and oily foods in your diet.

Pittas tend to have very sensitive skin.  It becomes especially important to use all natural, plant based products on your face.  Due to the sensitivity of the skin, a pitta dosha may have the appearance of wrinkles and aging spots typically caused by sun damage.  Pittas should eat lots of sweet, juicy fruits and avoid hot, spicy foods.

The appearance of the skin for the person who is kapha is usually thicker.  It will appear oily, rough and dull-looking.  This is usually due to a kapha’s low digestion.  Their impeded ability to allow for the flow of nutrients means that their skin does not get enough nourishment.  Natural scrubs and masks are key to helping the skin look radiant.  It is important to regularly cleanse the digestive tract gently.