Do you consider yourself a mindful person? Do you carry that mindfulness to your career as an aesthetician? Being mindful, aware and a conscious aesthetician goes much deeper than reading a text book or working on a model. At our School of Botanical & Medical Aesthetics we guide our students towards a mindful, compassionate esthetician practice and career.

Products & Ingredients

Being aware of the products you use as an esthetician is crucial. What ingredients are in the products? Are the products safe, natural, organic and sustainable? For example, our school uses Dr. Hauschka’s natural skin care products.

“Dr. Hauschka natural skin care products respect the skin’s natural rhythms, working with these processes to restore balance and bring about lasting beauty. Dr. Hauschka believes that when individuals feel healthy and balanced, they are better able to care for others and the planet on which they live.”

Learn as much as you can about the products you are thinking about using, what are the ingredients, where they were produced and so on.

Mindful Touch and Sequencing

Have you received a facial, or even a massage where you felt like the professional giving you this pampering treatment was just going through the motions? You can feel it. At our school we teach our students mindfulness with their touch and sequences. Use an intentional touch that flows with your breath.

Environmental Consciousness

Extend your thoughtfulness to your clients, your products and to our Earth. Become aware of the waste that is generated by the spa services you offer. Be conscious with waste and try to minimize disposables.

Being a mindful esthetician is not difficult. If it is new for you to incorporate mindfulness into your treatments, it may be helpful to take a moment before each session with a client to get centered, set intention and commit to giving the best treatment possible. Your clients will love you for it.