Dermaplaning is a safe, non-invasive treatment that is a simple method of exfoliation designed to remove the dead skin cells on the top layer of skin with a small surgical blade. One session of dermaplaning usually removes up to several weeks of dead skin build-up, leaving you with a fresh layer of skin that looks and feels smooth, radiant, and brand new (at least five sessions are recommended for optimal results). Here are just a few of the benefits a dermaplaning facial will give your skin:

1. Anti-Aging

Dermaplaning can help eliminate a multitude of skin issues that cause the skin to look aged, such as fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, acne scarring, broken capillaries, and uneven complexion. You will immediately notice your skin to be smoother, clearer, brighter, and refreshed – and the results last well after the treatment is over.

2. Even Skin Tone

Dermaplaning is the perfect procedure to give your complexion a boost. The build-up of dry, dead skin cells can not only cause clogged pores, but also a dull, uneven skin tone. The treatment is a form of exfoliation that involves scraping off the top layer of skin, ridding you of the dead skin cells that are contributing to the discoloration, dullness, and damage your skin has accumulated over time. Virtually every skin type can benefit from dermaplaning!

3. Removal of Vellus Hair

Another benefit of dermaplaning is during the shaving process, any fine vellus hair (also known as “peach fuzz”) is removed along with the dead skin cells. Your face will be completely smooth, hairless, and less prone to the dirt and oil build-up caused by fine hair (which in turn will lead to a clearer complexion). Don’t worry about your peach fuzz growing back worse than before – the structure of vellus hair makes it impossible to grow thicker or darker, even after shaving. Your hair will grow back exactly the same as it was before.

4. Fast & Painless

Dermaplaning is as easy and safe as shaving (which is completely painless), and the results are immediate! Each session usually lasts less than an hour, with no discomfort during the procedure. Your skin will appear smooth, glowing, and completely rejuvenated immediately after your treatment session ends – no waiting to see results!

5. Recovery Time: Little to None

Due to the non-invasive nature of dermaplaning, there is no downtime required after a session. Your skin may be a little more sensitive immediately after the procedure, but you can resume your normal skin routine (products, make-up, and all) as soon as you get out the door.