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Benefits of Mineral & Sea Salts

Sea salt is derived from evaporated sea water. It tastes different than the normal table salt we are used to; which is just sodium chloride. Even though it is more expensive, sea salt is often chosen over regular table salts for its superior taste and health benefits.

Mineral salts can come in many different varieties. There are inorganic salts which include phosphate, calcium, chloride, sodium and potassium. One of the more popular and common mineral salts is iodized salt. This has many health benefits. Iodine is essential to several functions within the body, and can be a problem if it is deficient.

Table salt is mined from salt deposits below the earth’s crust. However it is more refined and processed than its mineral and sea counterparts. When table salt is processed, additives are added and through the process, eliminates most of the healthy minerals.

Mineral Salts can be used in a wide variety of natural remedies as well.

  • To rinse your mouth and clean your teeth, mix equal parts of salt and baking soda in water—it gets rid of bad breath and bacteria.
  • If you have a mouth sore, mineral salts are great for easing the pain. Make a weak solution of saltwater and warm water, rinsing several times a day.
  • Stung by a bee? Immediately dampen the area and pack on a smile pile of salt to reduce the pain and the swelling.
  • Everyone hates a mosquito bite. A saltwater soak can relieve the itching. You can also mike Salt with olive oil until it’s a paste, which will help as well.
  • Some are more sensitive to poison ivy compared to others, but either way, a way to treat it is always preferred. Use the same method as mosquito bites listed previously.
  • During those winter months, your skin can get dry and flaky. An exfoliating massage with dry salt is recommended and brightens skin and even boosts the circulation.
  • And the winter time is prime time for illnesses and sore throats. If you mix salt and warm water, much like the mouth rinse, and gargle, it will relieve the pain.

Mineral salts have many uses and can be used for numerous natural remedies. Don’t forget, that after a long stressful day, a salt bath can help ease your muscles and ease the tension.