Estheticians not only learn to care for faces, but are trained in caring for the whole body.  Among the variety of treatments that an esthetician can do is provide body wraps. 

Body wraps can perform two main tasks.  One is to detoxify and the other is to hydrate the skin over the extent of the entire body.  It depends specifically on the type of body mask that is used in the process.  If you are interested in detoxifying then the esthetician will use an algae or seaweed mask.  While a mud or clay mask will allow the skin to hydrate. 

The process begins with exfoliation, either with a dry brush or salt scrub.  A dry brush removes dead skin cells and also stimulates the lymphatic system.  Once exfoliation is complete, the esthetician will apply the gel or mask depending on the client’s preference.  The client is then wrapped in plastic, gauze or mylar and remains this way for twenty minutes.  Usually, the esthetician will give the client a scalp massage to help pass the time. 

After the twenty minutes is up, the mask or gel will be rinsed off.  Ideally, the spa will have a Vichy shower, so the client can remain laying down and the water is swept across the length of the body.  Next, the esthetician will apply lotion or oil as the finishing touch. 

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