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Building Loyal Clients That Keep Coming Back

As an esthetician is it very rewarding to have clients who keep on returning to you for their skincare treatments. Earning the loyalty of your clients can be achieved by applying common sense, compassion and a few tools.

Following are a few tips to building loyal clients that keep coming back:

Surprise your Client

Don’t hold back and go that extra mile to do something out of the special for your clients. Your clients can feel your passion for what you do and it comes across with the extra little details that you incorporate to your services. Clients will love the extra care and attention they receive.

The Human Factor

We live in a world where face to face human interaction has drastically reduced due to “ease” and convenience of using technology. Thank goodness, face to face contact is part of your career as an esthetician. Make the most out of it! Be an active listener. Clients often have concerns – do you hear them and are you addressing their concerns. The clients appreciate the time you are giving them by listing and addressing their concerns.

Be A Resource

Can you provide your clients additional resources, tips, or information? Find a few things you can do to give to your clients, with your information attached. Clients appreciate a sample, a flyer, a booklet etc. Something of value. Think of things that your clients find valuable, try a few things, and become a trusted resource for your clients.

Ask for Feedback

From time to time ask your clients for feedback. How was their experience? Is there something else they might like? What did they like etc. You are demonstrating that you want to improve the client’s experience any way you can. Take their feedback to heart and when there is room for improvement or changes, review them openly and make changes that will better your clients experience.