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Camping Beauty Hacks

In the midst of summer, many of us feel the urge to pitch a tent and spend at least a few nights out in nature, away from the stress of day to day life. However, some of us are not exactly into the idea of sleeping in a chilly tent, on the hard ground, surrounded by bugs, and without the comforts of home (and your beauty routine).

Not to worry! Beauty and camping can go hand-in-hand, and you don’t have to sacrifice your entire routine to enjoy your time in nature. Below are a few beauty hacks specifically made for your next camping trip, whether you are an experienced camper or dreading every minute:

  • Add sage to your campfire to keep away pesky bugs and prevent bug bites. When you do happen to get the inevitable bite or two, deodorant can be used in a pinch to soothe the itch!
  • Avoid overpacking by creating a mini survival kit filled with first aid and necessary beauty supplies. To keep it small, try to fit everything into an old Altoid container or pill bottle.
  • Set up a face wash station to help you feel a little more at home. Just fill a bowl with fresh water and wash away the build-up of dirt!
  • Put your face wash in mini travel containers to save yourself the trouble of lugging along huge bottles.
  • Pack a hand mirror. If you are worried about your hair and appearance during camping, a small, portable hand mirror is the ideal tool for you.
  • Bring dry shampoo to freshen up your locks and fight off the urge to shower.
  • Eye drops are a great addition to your pack to soothe your eyes from any irritations that may occur, such as fire smoke, wind, dirt, or dry eyes (a must-have if you plan on wearing contacts).

Remember, camping is meant to be fun! Focus less on your beauty routine for a couple days, and stick to the camping beauty hacks to get you by while enjoying your camping trip.