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Career Opportunities For Estheticians

By completing  an esthetician program with a natural, herbal focus, you open up a whole array of career opportunities that might not be available if you were to complete a more traditional program.  There are many places to work as an esthetician upon completion of a 600 hour program.  It is important to decide which path seems to fit your beliefs and what you see yourself offering as an esthetician with a botanical focus.

Traditionally, estheticians can find work in salons and spas.  These places often require the esthetician to rent the space and they may or may not be responsible for finding their own clients.  Usually, an esthetician with a natural focus can fit right in with most salons and spas.  Another option might be to search for opportunities that have a like-minded focus, such as, Chinese medicine clinics or wellness clinics.  Sometimes Chiropractic offices offer facials and estheticians’ services.  You may even want to consider yoga studios.  Studio owners may want to rent out their space, especially during times of the day when classes aren’t happening.  Of course, there is always the option to have your own practice.  This way you will be in charge of all the decisions and be able to truly create a personal experience for your clients.

The new field of medical esthetics has gained a lot of exposure lately. Estheticians who complete a 600 hour program are trained to work as a medical esthetician. Two more places to work could include dermatologist office or a medical center.

With your new background in herbal and botanical skincare, a natural skincare company might be a great way to sell products that you believe in.  If you would prefer to be a product and sales representative, there are many ways that this can create income. Along this same line, you could consider working in a natural skincare company’s research and development department. Creating new products that truly are made from natural ingredients.

The School of Botanical Aesthetics can offer its graduates many options to create a sustainable and abundant career as a natural esthetician.