As part of our holistic approach to skincare, the School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics offers a course on the ancient practice of Chinese Face Mapping.  In traditional Chinese medicine, the belief is that any imbalance inside the body will present itself in certain areas of the face.  As we know, our skin is constantly communicating what it needs or what is harmful.

Each area of the face corresponds to a system in the body.  The appearance of acne, rashes, or dark circles can all be indicators of something more serious or just an indication of an imbalance.

Forehead: This area correlates to the bladder and digestive system.  If you notice breakouts here, you might want to cut back on alcoholic beverages and consume more water.  It could also mean too much dairy in your diet.  If you notice deep lines across the forehead this could indicate a blocked colon or gallbladder.

Between Eyes:  This relates to the liver. A breakout here might be a sign of a food allergy or consuming too many rich or fried foods.

Ears: This area correlates to the kidneys.  The key is to drink more water.

Around the Eyes:  This also ties to your kidneys.  You might notice dark circles or puffiness, which might just indicate that you need more sleep.

Cheeks:  Eating too many fatty foods can make your skin breakout in this area.  It corresponds to the heart and respiratory system.

Nose & Upper Lip:  This area is connected to the stomach and intestines.  Breakouts here might indicate a food allergy.

Chin & Jaw:  Breakouts here might be a sign of a hormonal imbalance.

It is important to look at diet and certain lifestyle choices before you think that there might be a sign of something more serious.  This can be used as a quick reference tool by a licensed aesthetician or it can be used as part of your home skincare routine to get a general idea of the condition your skin.