There is a traditional Chinese belief that the entire body can be mapped out across the face.  Different parts of the face correlate to different organs and systems in the body.  If there is an issue with one of these organs or systems, then it will show up as symptoms on the skin.  Some of the these symptoms might include acne, rash, redness, hyper pigmentation, sallowness, darkness or wrinkles. While these symptoms could be an indicator of something more serious, most likely it points to the need to change some habits and make healthier choices for your overall health and well-being.

The following is a list of which organs and systems correlate to the different parts of the face.  Remember this is a general guideline:

  • Forehead – Liver and Gallbladder
  • Between the Eyebrows – Stomach & Liver
  • Temples & Brows – Kidneys
  • Nose – Heart
  • Upper Cheeks – Lungs
  • Lower Cheeks – Stomach & Liver
  • Mouth and Chin – Stomach
  • Jawline – Colon & Ovaries
  • Ears – Kidneys

Try to incorporate the following if you are currently experiencing skin problems: eat well; avoiding sugar and alcohol overload; drinking plenty of water and green tea; sleep 8 – 9 hours a night.  These should help clear up most skin issues.  The School of Botanical Aesthetics offers training on Chinese Face Mapping as part of their holistic esthetician program.