popping a pimpleWomen, in general, are more concerned than men about their skin texture or complexion. Having a clear and fair skin is desirable but sometimes, due to over indulgence in certain practices or lack of adequate skin care knowledge, we can do things that are not good for our sensitive skin and that does more harm than good. Here are some of the common skin care mistakes.

Picking & Popping Pimples

This is the most spontaneous reaction of a many women on the first sight of a pimple or acne. Picking or squeezing a pimple does not prevent it from popping. Instead the fluid oozing out from the pimple tends to spread the infection and can lead to more pimples on your face. Moreover, apart from the irritation or pain from picking, it can also cause increased redness and leave a hyper pigmented mark or scar at the site of the picked pimple which takes a longer time to fade than the actual pimple. So, it is better to take control of your reflexes and avoid touching the popping pimple.

Sleeping with Your Make Up On

Make up attracts dirt, oil and clogs the skin pores. It is advisable to cleanse your face before going to bed, especially if you have applied make up. As major part of skin regeneration takes place at night during sleep, a clean skin is vital for a fresh-look every morning and the cosmetic products might contain certain ingredients that damage the skin, if applied for long, hampering its regeneration. Make it a habit to take 2 minutes off your sleeping time to cleanse your face properly and ensure a glowing skin next day.

Skipping the Sunscreen

Sunscreens are not meant for beaches, outdoor games or summer days alone, as UV rays can also penetrate glass and reach you through a window while you are indoors or in a car. Applying sunscreen daily is beneficial not only to protect yourself from sunburn or skin cancer it also gives you a younger looking skin.

Using a Harsh Exfoliator or Scrub

Harshly cleaning your skin will not assure you of a clear or fairer complexion, rather it will damage the follicles and cause dryness, redness and irritation. Skin care professionals recommend using a gentle, fragrance free cleanser only once or twice a week to gently slough off the dirt from the skin.

Avoiding these simple bad skin care habits can delay aging and pave the way towards a healthy, flawless and glowing skin. Do not offend your skin as it will eventually, rub you the wrong way.