spa treatmentThe term ‘Chemical Skin Peel’ is enough to make some people cringe but there’s really nothing to fear. The chemical peel process is far safer than cosmetic surgery and really, it poses no health risks at all when performed by an esthetician. Skin peels are the ideal solution to addressing a number of aging signs such as wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, dry skin, sun spots and a host of other issues. Chem Peels dig in deeper than facials,  removing the layer of old, dead skin so the younger layer of radiant skin can shine through. A skin peel is the ultimate form of exfoliation and the ‘chemical’ used is often times a mild hydroxy acid. These acids fall into two different categories, (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) AHA and (Beta Hydroxy Acids) BHA.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

AHAs are typically derived from fruit, sugar cane and milk. A light to mild AHA skin peel can even removes acne, blemishes and even moderate scarring. Most AHAs are composed of glycolic, lactic, malic or tartaric acids or a combination of two or more of those four. An AHA peel is often known as a “Lunchtime Peel” because the process is so fast and easy. An AHA peel exfoliates skin cells that have died to reveal more vibrant skin beneath. This is one of the mildest forms of chemical skin peels and there is no downtime involved.

 Beta Hydroxy Acids

BHAs are a little stronger that AHAs though they treat the same problems. The BHA peel penetrates into the layers of the skin deeper than the AHA peel. The salicylic acid found within the BHA has been used for decades to address psoriasis and as an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial treatment. BHAs should not be used by people with an aspirin allergy.

Stronger Chemical Peels

A Jessner’s chemical peel is stronger than a BHA but it is still considered a light peel unless it is applied in multiple coats. Clients with pigment irregularities such as melasma are the ideal candidates for a Jessner peel. For those seeking a stronger chemical peel, there’s a Trichloroacetic acid peel. TCA is standard in medium-level chemicals peels. As a TCA peel is a stronger peel than aJessner’s, it must be performed in the presence of a doctor unless the peel is less than one tenth TCA.

 Having a chemical skin peel performed is faster and safer than cosmetic surgery. It’s the best option for people looking to counteract the appearance of aging without drastically altering their appearance. With so many negative results associated with cosmetic surgery, it’s easy to see why so many people are turning to chemical skin peels.

School of Botanical & Medical Aesthetics offers courses on Chemical Peels as part of the 600-Hr Esthetician Program. The school also has a student clinic where you can book an appointment for your chem peel treatment or for other spa services, at deeply discounted prices.