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DIY Blotting Papers

It’s summer. If you have oily skin, you know the troubles that come with hotter weather – greasier, shiner, sweatier, oilier skin that makeup slides off of within hours of applying.

For those of us with oily skin, it would be nice to have an on-the-go way to reduce shine and oil build-up that is cheap, easy, and effective. Say hello to DIY blotting sheets!

Blotting sheets are perfect for the office, school, or anywhere outside your house you feel the need to touch up the grease. Although these are great year-round, they are especially handy during the summer months when faces get sweaty and oily 10 times faster.

Sure, you can buy blotting papers at the store, but why spend a ridiculous amount of money ($5-$30 a pack) on something that just soaks up oil? You can make your own blotting sheets at home for just a few dollars.

DIY Blotting Sheets

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Old powder compact cleaned out and sanitized with rubbing alcohol*
  • A round cotton pad
  • Tissue paper (the type you would use for wrapping presents)

*The compact is for easy on-the-go storage in your purse or car. Any container will work.


  • Fold up the tissue paper until it is as close to the size of the cotton pad as possible.
  • Use the cotton pad as a template and cut the tissue paper around it.
  • Separate the papers that are stuck together, and place them in your compact.

These do the trick – they get rid of built-up oil and reduce shine. They may not work as well as the store-bought type, which are usually made of rice paper, but they work and they cost a fraction of the price and take just a few minutes to make.