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Education is the Key to Success as an Esthetician

Education and knowledge of the right tools will help create a lasting and successful career in the field of esthetics.  Constant learning can keep you at the forefront of an ever changing field where consumers are expecting results.  Continuing your esthetics training after you become licensed keeps your career fresh and inspired. 

There are a multitude of resources available these days for estheticians to turn to when they want to add to their well of skin care knowledge.  There are tradeshows, publications, continuing education workshops, online webinars, blogs and books.  All of these sources can provide training in a particular area of skin care and could even help develop a niche so that you stand out as an expert in one area.  Some examples might be aromatherapy, massage or facial yoga. 

Clients and consumers are looking for results from their estheticians and will want to replicate those results at home with their daily skin care routine.  You will need to be an expert at skin care analysis and have in – depth knowledge in regards to different product lines.  All of this training and newly gained knowledge will lead to innovation and inspiration.  Many estheticians develop their own skin care products to support their niche market. 

Technology is constantly changing and that goes for the field of skin care, as well.  New tools that treat skin care problems such as microdermabrasion or LED light therapy are being used not only in a medical setting, but at day spas as well.  It’s important to understand the full range of tools available for your clients.

Take time out of your busy schedule to attend conferences and workshops, read about the latest research in skin care treatment and be open to expanding your knowledge and you will that you will have created a successful career as an esthetician.