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Essential Winter Hair Care

When you think about winter care for your body, what usually comes to mind is your skin. But what about your hair? More often than not, your hair is exposed to the bitterness of winter on a daily basis (even when some of it is under a hat).

This winter, give your hair the attention it needs with these tips:

Deep condition your hair weekly

Cold winter air and drying indoor heat are often to blame for dehydrated hair. To give your hair the extra moisture it needs, use a deep conditioning treatment once a week.

Cover up

Winter’s elements can be brutal; harsh winds, freezing rain and snow, and brittle temperatures all cause damage to your hair if left unprotected. The best thing you can do is cover up – wear a hat or a scarf wrap to keep your hair safe and cozy.

Use a humidifier

Summer isn’t the only time for a humidifier! When you have the heat running constantly, the dry air will suck the moisture right out of your hair (and skin). Having a humidifier going will help combat the dry heat and prevent dehydrated hair and skin.

Get regular trims

Cut off those dry split ends for a refreshing bounce; regular trims are always a good idea, regardless of the season, and will help keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. Split ends can be more common during winter due to the frictions caused by wearing a thick hat, so trims are necessary!

Wash your hair less

Your hair’s natural oils keep it shiny, soft, and healthy. The less you wash, the more oils your hair can soak up! Try to keep shampooing down to 2-3 times per week, and always remember to wait until your hair is completely dry before leaving the house. Wet or damp hair paired with freezing winter air is a recipe for dry, brittle hair (and a chilliness you want to avoid).