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Exfoliating and Waxing

Everyone is recommending that once you get a wax, you must exfoliate. And before a wax, you must exfoliate. But what is exfoliation? Why does it help when you are getting a wax? What do you use and when do you do it?

Exfoliation is when you rub vigorously on the skin to remove dead skin cells. This also brings blood to the area that is rich in nutrients and oxygen, which will help heal the damaged skin associated with waxing. It also smoothes the skin, and helps prevent ingrown hairs. The more exfoliation, the better.

There are many tools out there that help exfoliate, such as towels, wash clothes, and loofas. but there are also specific tools such as dry sponges, and exfoliating gloves. These are all very helpful and great to use when you are looking to get a good scrub.

If you are planning on getting a wax, be sure to exfoliate before your treatment and after within 24 hours. After that, be sure to exfoliate the area several times in between your next waxing session to prevent ingrown hairs and smooth the skin prepping it for the next visit.