eyebrowDefined, sculpted eyebrows make a huge impact on the appearance of your entire face. Your eyebrows frame your face and are one of the first things someone sees when they look at you. Follow these simple tips to perfectly shape your eyebrows and put your best face forward:

1. Find a Starting Point

Flip your tweezers upside down and hold them vertically against the lower edge of your nose. Where the tweezers hit at eyebrow level will mark where they should begin. Any stray hairs that fall between these starting points can be removed.

2. Find an End Point

Bottom side up, lay the tweezers at an angle against your cheek so that they are aligned with the outer corner of your eye. The spot the tweezers intersect the eyebrow is where the eyebrow should end, and any hairs that fall past that point can be removed.

3. Use Guidelines

The purpose of using a tweezers to get a sense of your starting and ending points is to have a visual mark for even, defined brows. By taking an eye pencil and marking these points, you are giving yourself a stencil that will make shaping your brows a breeze. White eye pencils (or even concealer) work best.

4. Tweeze

Using your guidelines, tweeze any stray hairs. Less is more – tweeze sparingly! You can always go back and remove more hairs later if necessary. Avoid using ice to numb the area prior to tweezing, as this will tighten your pores and make pulling hairs more difficult (and more painful). Use a warm washcloth on the brow area or tweeze after a shower.

5. Build an Arch

The arch is one of the main components of a strong eyebrow. When looking into a mirror straight on, your arch should lie right on your brow bone and peak above the outer rim of your iris. As mentioned above, using an eye pencil to mark this point can be extremely helpful.

6. Trim

Trimming your brows often results in a sharper, more defined appearance – especially since tweezing above your eyebrow is less common. By brushing your brows upward and trimming long hairs, your brows will appear sleek, neat, and perfectly defined from top to bottom.

7. Fill in if Needed

We’ve all been there. Whether you overtweezed, have sparse brow hairs or patchiness, or are just trying to grow your eyebrows thicker, filling them in can be a lifesaver and give you the look you want. Be sure to use natural, blendable shades and light strokes to avoid the painted on look.

8. Repeat

Once you finish these steps on the first eyebrow, repeat the procedure on your second brow. Remember – eyebrows are supposed to look like sisters, not twins, so don’t stress out too much about making them perfectly even.

While having the confidence and knowledge to shape your eyebrows at home is great, there are clinic services available that provide expert, skilled eyebrow shaping. Our school’s Aesthetics clinic offers professional, affordable brow waxing services ($7/30 minutes) that are sure to give you stunning results.